Onto The ChatGPT Bandwagon With Our Prompt Generator

a fictional image of a man with an AI brain for prompt generator

We’ve jumped onto the ChatGPT bandwagon with our Prompt Generator. (I’m using ChatGPT as a placeholder for all LLMs, so please don’t flame me for not mentioning all the other options!)

What did we solve for?

This was initiated with a simple problem statement – brands struggle with generating creativity for targeted or personalized campaigns. For instance, at the MarTech Summit in Singapore this week, a panel discussion that had Zalora, Citibank and the likes, stated that one of their main challenges to operationalizing the personalization engine is content and creativity. Quite unimaginable right – to be in a world where the ML Algorithm has become the “easy part”.

Knowing the problem statement well led to a fairly focused solution definition: Help brands use ChatGPT to generate creative personalized messages.

So we built a Prompt Generator with a very focused use case – content for SMS/ WhatsApp/ Email/ Notifications.

The SOLUS Prompt Generator

It’s at | Free and instant Sign Up | in Beta | Desktop only!

Let’s see how it works:

If the prompt you use in ChatGPT is something as basic as:

“Generate an SMS marketing message for SOLUS, an Apparel brand”

You get something like:

If you use our prompt generator, the prompt evolves to something much more refined and the results can be something like:

 And it gets better. The email copy comes out (using a good prompt, again) looking like this:

Does this work across categories? It does – we’ve tried it for Apparel, QSR, Hospitality and Travel, Mutual Funds, and even Securities!

What about all the fears and reservations against ChatGPT?

I feel these are largely mitigated here. Writing copy for direct marketing has been a fading craft for a while. Creativity has become less attuned to the needs of relevance and personalization, so to use an LLM to generate a baseline creative that ticks off all the requisite boxes from a craft perspective are very valuable. Brands often need dozens of creative templates with variants for targeted messages – this means a factory output, which in turn means there’s a solid case to use AI.  Once ChatGPT generates a message one can iterate and add own tonality to taste – but 80% of the job has been done by the AI.

There’s no sharing of data. There are no biases in the training set of ChatGPT polluting decisions – because the use case is not decisions, it’s playing an otherwise cumbersome craft.

What’s the catch?

You still need to know what you want. In our prompt generator, you’ll need to give inputs of the Hook, the Tonality, what Personalization to use, whether you want a Follow-up message etc. I’ve been told this is intimidating, and many folks in marketing will not have answers to these Qs. Well, there’s always the option to leave these blank – but that’s also a bit of a shame. Whoever is generating your copy – Human or AI – needs a good brief!

Let us know, please.

Use the prompt generator, or have folks in your marketing team give it a spin. And let us know if it works for you, and how we can improve it.

Click here to try our prompt generator | Free and instant Sign Up | in Beta | Desktop only!