Lift, Incrementality, Yield, Repeat Revenue… we drive better measurement of your customer engagement practices.

SOLUS helps you measure impact at multiple levels, allowing triangulation that builds conviction and buy in across the organization.

Incremental Sales

At the heart of our measurement system is Incrementality. Widely considered the gold-standard in marketing measurement, the only thing that often holds organizations back from adopting is that it’s not easy to pull off. Which is where we come in.

SOLUS has a refined Lift measurement system with Control Groups at multiple levels of granularity. TG vs. CG metrics are measured either at short or long term levels, and may be overall or channel specific.

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Yield and ROI

Lift measurement leads to Yield and ROI tracking. The beauty of Yield metrics are that they simplify the thinking behind “what works” in campaign mechanics. Simply put, Yield is the incremental revenue generated per outreach. Once computed this allows tracking across customer segments, across Recommender led vs. non Recommender led campaigns, across Personalization levels etc.

SOLUS computes and tracks Yield and also provides insight into what’s driving Yield and how one can improve on it.


We drive better conversions, with lower discounting and offers. Offers are important in driving sales, but our effort is to use Personalization and Recommendations to drive Product-led incrementals rather than just Offer-led incrementals.

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We help brands track and drive CRM KPIs. These are typically Repeat/ Retention/ Winback metrics that we help brands take up and drive through segment-of-one nudges. SOLUS helps brands establish baseline numbers on these KPIs and then set up missions to achieve them through lifecycle management campaigns.

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