Smart Shopping Campaigns

The Solus Smart Shopping Campaign systems focus on enhancing lifecycle (or mass) campaigns

Designed to enhance lifecycle campaigns by providing superior personalization, product recommendations, and track incrementality.

Lifecycle & Segmented Campaigns

SOLUS caters to both CLM (Customer Lifecycle) and GTM (Go-to-market) shopping campaigns. Both may be personalized, use recommendations and can be very targeted. The difference is not in the intelligence that goes into them but in the nature of the campaign.

The missions we drive cover

  • First-To-Repeat
  • Cross / UP Sell
  • Category Addition
  • Repeat & Retention Drive
  • Churn Prevention
  • Lapsed Customer Winback
Lifecycle & Segmented Campaigns

The “Smart” In The Campaigns

SOLUS helps make campaigns smarter. We come in with campaign blueprints that help you define triggers and our Prompt Generator leverages ChatGPT (and similar LLMs) to assist in creative development

Additionally, SOLUS uses Contextual Multi-Armed Bandits (CMABs) to auto-prioritize triggers. In essence – if a customer could get more than one message at a time, SOLUS can determine which one to send. It can also determine the ideal timing as well as the cool-off between messages.

Scores, Gain Curves

Along with the models comes instant access to gain charts, and tracking of how conversions vary across deciles. In addition, we also provide tips such as the impact of changing the depth of the file targeted basis the propensity scores.

Refined Target Vs Control Mechanism

Refined Target Vs Control Mechanism

SOLUS’s smart shopping campaigns has a refined TG / CG mechanism to enable the measurement of incremental impact. Control groups are sampled and held out to measure short-term and long-term impact. Partitioning features allow for CGs that allow for channel-level measurement as well.

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