Customer SVOC

Your data in one place. Usable anywhere.

We bring in data from all your transaction, digital, and distributor systems through mutual fund customer lifecycle journey management to create a usable single-view of your customer. The SOLUS SVOC consists of a shareable set of dozens of variables that can be fed back into your systems for many other use cases beyond SOLUS.

Customer Insight and Analytics

Know your customer

Segmentation Schemes, New vs. Existing Customer metrics, Repeat and Retention metrics, Glue number, and inter-purchase cycle. Mutual fund customer lifecycle journey management tool that tells you all you need for your CRM strategy.

Recommenders and Personalization systems

The next-best Product for customer

Fund Recommendations, Debt/ Equity/ Hybrid, SIP/ Lumpsum – recommendations delivered thorough a number of usable stories – Cross Sell, Upsell, Exploration, Trending and many more.

Propensity Scores

Select the right list to Target

Propensity to invest in SIPs, propensity to Redeem, Propensity to buy in a NFO. Use propensity scores to target better.

Smart Campaigns

Better Conversion, Yield and ROI from campaigns

Lifecycle Triggers and GTM (Go-to-market) campaigns with auto-prioritization and optimization. Cool off and governance across channels. Configurable response attribution. Any and hard response – did responders buy a specific fund or fund category? Fine-tuned Incrementality tracking.

Fund and Channel Insight

How do your customers interact with your funds and channels

Fund level Customer analytics spanning Associations, Repeat, Entry point, single vs. multi-category customer behaviour. Channel level tracking of Customer KPIs such as Repeat, Retention, Winback, Frequency and more.

Omni-Use cases

Push Messaging, App, Web, In-Store, Out-calling…

Use recommendations and personalization outputs in push messages (any channel), App, Web or even in Call Centre operations.

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