Send Smart messages to nudge the next transaction

The classic Push use case is where SOLUS powers smarter, segment-of-one level push messaging. The channel could be Email, Notification, SMS, WhatsApp or any similar push channel. The SOLUS payload allows for customer ID and relevant personalization fields and product recommendations to be delivered to any last-mile provider.

Push + Landing Page

Reel them in and then show them exactly what they need to see

In an enhancement to the Push use case, a message may be sent with a custom short link that is unique to the customer. The link, when clicked on, opens a Web or App screen which is also personal to the customer and carries a collection of products that the smart recommender systems have come up with for this specific customer. This combination of a unique link + personal landing page is a big enhancement over traditional approaches where a common link takes a customer to a homepage or a category page.

On App/ Web

Improve the digital experience, drive more conversions

This use case is where SOLUS powers the customer experience on App or Web with smart product recommendations. These product recommendations show up on pre-login pages or post-login pages, with different Recommendation strategies being used for these different contexts. Recommendations may be shown in product pages, as collections or “smartbaskets”.

Store/ Call Centre/ Field Force

Power your staff with the intelligence that matters

SOLUS can also deliver a payload with customer variables and recommendations to outbound or inbound systems. If a store needs to see what to cross sell to a customer, SOLUS can power the intelligence behind this use case. If a call centre agent needs to get relevant customer information including product recommendations and segmentation labels, this can be powered. If a field agent needs to know which of her customers to focus on and what to sell to them, this can be powered using the SOLUS payloads.

Customer Insight System

The customer intelligence you need for decision making

A use case for SOLUS is to be used as an intelligence system alone, without the Campaign use cases. In this scenario SOLUS power over 100 reports that range from Perspective compilations that give deep insight into specific aspect of customer behaviour, to Insights that summarize and advise, to Analysis Reports with Drill downs and finally, Data deep dives that reveal supporting data at the most granular level.

For Instance, SOLUS Can Span The Following Level Of Customer Insight:

  • Perspective: A Series Of Linked Analysis Showing The Health Of The Customer Base And What Actions May Be Taken
  • Insight: How Sticky Is Our Customer Base
  • Analysis: What Is The Monthly Existing Customer Contribution To Revenue
  • Drill Down: What Is The Repeat Cohort Behaviour For A Specific Month For New Customers Vs. Existing Customers
  • Data: Show Me Relevant SVOC Variables For A Specific Customer ID

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