Solus Intelligence Systems: Enhancing Performance & Efficiency

photo of a man working on intelligence systems

2022 has been an interesting time for folks in tech– and as you well know we’ve pivoted so much to being a tech-first organization that suddenly everything happening in tech impacts us too! We shifted to being product-first in 2020, and the roller coaster ride that followed is worthy of a small book – or lengthy blog post at the very least. But that’s for another day. Today I’d like to touch upon one of the three main pillars of Solus AI. For context, the three central systems of SOLUS that work together to create magic are: Recommendations Systems | Smart Campaigns | Intelligence Systems

Intelligence Systems in Solus

Part of our entire pivot to being product-first meant that we had to go back to our “greatest hits” of analytics work done over the last decade and see if we could make them available to clients using Solus. But of course, better than before – configurable, always on, and far richer. One decision we did take however is to not create a dashboarding platform – we’re not trying to build a Tableau/ PowerBI, but we’re bringing in our experience of how one should look at CRM and campaign metrics, and making the best of that experience available.

I’m happy to share that the Solus Intelligence System module has matured beautifully over the last year. This is a quick recap of where we are, and where we’re headed with it.

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Customer Intelligence Systems Report

We’ve ramped up the Intelligence systems reports to over everything a CRM manager (or someone dealing with Retention or targeted campaigns) might need. We’re constantly adding to these reports, so while these are currently a set that would work for pretty much any industry, we’re next coming up with industry-specific reports too.

Campaign Performance Reports

In addition, the ability to track campaign performance has been greatly enhanced as well. We’ve focused on Incrementality measurement – which we all know is hard, but also the truest measure of impact, and what we’ve added is a whole lot of reporting that comments on what’s working, what’s the yield it’s generating, what consistently works etc.

A few things we’ve added to these reports that are small, but powerful:

  • The ability to filter out triggers where the Control Group is too small
  • The ability to switch between Trigger X Day and Trigger X Month level of granularity for Lift measurement
  • The ability to make response attribution Time relative rather than Day relative

 There’s so much more, and we’re truly helping clients see beyond clicks and conversions, the true impact of their customer-centric efforts.

Roadmap Stuff: Campaign Diagnostics (and soon enough – What Ifs) 

We aren’t stopping here, of course. A big ask has been – can we help diagnose what campaigns work/ don’t work better? Can we understand what aspect of the campaign works? So we’re now coming up with a campaign diagnostic that does exactly that. What campaign attribute works? The segment being targeted? The use of a personalization engine? The timing? The presence of an offer? The use of a Recommendation? And so much more.

The obvious next step from here is adding a What If, going Prescriptive – recommending campaign types that give you lift and incremental, as well as campaigns that give you coverage and absolute numbers. Answering the Q of – “What If we run these types of campaigns in the coming month”. Getting to goal-seeks “IF I want to attain X, what should I do?” Watch this space!

Looking Ahead

Building Solus has been an immense endeavour. No part of this is easy – CRM is complex, it’s quite literally a space in which everything that can go wrong, will. Personalization and scale are notoriously hard. If you think about it, however, we are driven by a not-complex goal to help brands derive the most value from customer intelligence systems. This translates into – uplifting how brands nudge customer behaviour, whether the context is brand initiated (you nudge them by sending the customer a message), or customer-initiated (the customer comes to your app/ website and we need to decide what to show and how to engage them). We’ve had to break and build like crazy this last year, and the coming year will no doubt be the same. 

In conclusion, if you’re looking to unlock the true potential of your business and drive long-term success, an intelligent campaign & customer insights solution is the key. With our powerful AI-driven platform, you can gain invaluable insights into your customers’ behaviors, preferences, and purchasing patterns. By harnessing these insights, you can create highly targeted and personalized campaigns that will not only increase repeat purchases but also foster customer loyalty.